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As far as showing Thomas’s mindset thus far- I’d like to see it too BUT HOW? It would literally just be shots of him brooding. He’s certainly not ready to open up to anyone but maybe he will in the next ep. And if he’s not talking to anyone right now, what do you want? A soliloquy? Voice-over? I’m…

Knowing that Mrs Hughes knows *something* about homosexuality and was there for him with what happened to Jimmy, I would have liked to have seen her really corner him and browbeat what’s going on out of him when she asked after his health, rather than letting it go. I think he would confide in her if she were persistent enough. And I kinda wish it were Hughes helping him now, instead of Baxter — I like the idea of Hughes as the mother hen. I think Anna might have gotten him to talk too, given a chance, especially if she found him the way Baxter did (and Hughes did in S3) — when he’s weeping, they can break through his armour, like she did with Sybil’s death. (I also kinda like the idea of Sybbie finding him crying, and maybe fetching Mr. Carson, thinking Thomas is physically hurt ….) As far as a voice-over goes, they could have shown him writing a letter to his cousin, stop to read it aloud to himself, then crumple it up.

Disney Head-Canon

In my head, Boo and Lilo end up being roommates at a school in Hawaii. Lilo and Stitch, thinking there’s something up with Boo, follow her to a hidden-away door, where Sully and Mike have been coming through to visit her. Of course, they think it’s an alien invasion at first, but after they end up working together with Wreck-it Ralph and his posse to stop Bugs from manifesting from the video game Hero’s Duty into our world, a la Tron (thanks to a crazy invention of Jumba’s, misused by Pleakly, who thinks Mike is his long-lost cousin), they all become good friends.

Oh, and Melinda May is a descendant of Mulan. And if it turns out that Skye is a Foom Dragon, then she’s a descendant of Mushu.


I so want to take Thomas time traveling to some progressive, queer friendly place right about now and show him that he should not be facing any kind of crisis of confidence because he will be vindicated by history… and maybe he finds a nice guy in the present and stays (or a reincarnated Jimmy/Edward/Philip; it doesn’t much matter).

… I guess this is what I get for catching up on Doctor Who right after livestreaming Downton?

I’ve had EXACTLY that fantasy. My OC Clairette going back in time from our era or later, and taking him to the future, or else to a secret club of the Faer Folk, or something — and letting all of the people know how backwards and horrid their society is before leaving ….



We spoke to Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson in the ITV drama at the IWC BFI Film Forever gala dinner and he told us which character to watch, for all the drama.

He told us, ‘It’s only going to get better - one hint I’d give you is, as always watch out for Maggie’s lines, but also watch out…

Downton Abbey Rewatch + 4x01

I always wondered if the others ever found out why Nanny West was let go — that she was abusing Sybbie and Thomas put a stop to it — and, if they did, if they assumed Thomas was just being vindictive because the woman treated him like a servant, or if they realised he was actively looking out for Sybbie ….

Downton's getting RACY!





    It’s fun playing a baddie but I’m pleased that Thomas’s homosexuality rears its head again in this new series because that helps to justify his nastiness. He’s blackmailing Baxter [Cora’s lady’s maid played by Raquel Cassidy], but she makes a very bold move which Thomas doesn’t see coming. He’s going to have his revenge, though, one way or another.

    But he’s not pure out-and-out evil. He’s the one who alerts the household to the fire that threatens to kill Lady Edith in the first episode, so you could say he’s the one who saves her life (pictured left). There’s a moment where he stops outside Edith’s room and you don’t know whether he’s going to save her or not. You know that questions will be asked: ‘Why was he upstairs?’ That was a sackable offence at that time.

    The fact he opted not to save his own skin but someone else’s shows a different side of his character. It was nice to be the hero for a change.

    So Thomas does have some redeeming qualities, although in saving the daughter of his employers, he reasons — quite accurately — he’s now unsackable. And that makes him more dangerous.

    In many ways, Thomas is a solitary figure. Because of his sexuality, in those days, he was bound to be alone. He’s forbidden to love. He gradually comes to realise that he’s never going to be happy like Mr and Mrs Bates; he’s never going to have that cottage on the estate.

    Society condemns him and he reflects back that rejection. This is a tortured man. But as he realises that only unhappiness lies ahead, he starts to turn that anger in on himself.

    He hates himself for being gay which is an amazingly sad state of affairs. There’s one way he tries to deal with it — I won’t give the details — which is so unhealthy and which was so upsetting to play. He comes so close to destroying himself. But will anyone at the Abbey care? That’s the question to which he doesn’t know the answer.
*curls up into little ball and whimpers* That sounds terrifying. And that better actually be shown from episode 4 on, his torment I mean, so we don’t just have to imagine it and no one will care because they don’t even notice. Poor Thomas. :( Doesn’t sounds like he will ever get a love interest again. Maybe his reward will be to be able to accept that he’s meant to be alone? I know that is realistic for a gay servant in that time but in this case, fuck realism. I want a proper reward for Thomas for having to go through all that horror, Fellowes!
And I guess the therapy thing is supposed to remain a serect until at least episode 4? Please handle this in a good way, Mr. F, please…

Just give him all the screentime this deserves. I mean here is one storyline that is new and potentially highly dramatic and has not been dragging on and on like others. I’ve had high expectations, Fellowes, don’t mess it up, a’right?


"…which was so upsetting to play…"

Sounds like we will get a glimpse of whatever it is….

*sniffle* Poor Thomas!

But damn, I hope they do this justice…I’m very nervous that it will be done poorly.

This could be excellent, IF we get some good hurt/comfort out of it, some sympathy from the staff, maybe even from people upstairs. The worry is that he won’t get that, but if he does … Unf. I live for stories of “villains” receiving concern from the heroes, that’s literally my very fave kind of story, and why I loved S3. I wanted Thomas and the Bateses to become friends after that — that’s how I like those stories to end, with enemies becoming allies. But then Fellowes gave us S4, with the only signs of compassion/kindness from Thomas (who should have been contrite and grateful to still have a job) being his defense of Sybbie and him asking Daisy what was wrong. So that’s why I still worry that, while there’s great potential for exactly the sort of story I love, it could all go horribly wrong. Anna showing sympathy gives me hope, but we’ve been burned before …. I wonder if he will get electro-shock therapy, and it will go badly? Hopefully not in the sense of being permanently physically harmed! But it could be interesting if he needs help from others for a while, like if he’s partially paralysed. Or has amnesia and is nice to everyone and can’t understand why they avoid him (and maybe he’s just pretending, so as to have a fresh start). Or has severe depression to the point of not even being mean, like when he thought he was getting sacked, like he’s just given up on life and can’t work up the will to be angry. Anna saving him from attempting suicide could be delicious! *Hopes for the best but braces herself for the worst*


Hey Thommy fandom, how’s things? Bad you say? I know, I know. Here’s hoping things get better soon. Anyway, I’ve got and idea for a sort of Thommy ‘project’ - I love making and listening to (and crying at) Thommy fanmixes and I know a few of you have made mixes yourselves. My idea was maybe we…

“Me and My Broken Heart”, by Rixton. Thomas is so desperate for love — you can see how it kills him to look at Anna and Bates and know he’ll never have what they do; he’s basically said as much in one way or another to each of them. We all know the lack of having love in his life has had a profound effect on him, making him bitter, and that losses make him lash out — but we’ve also seen his capacity for compassion, like when he reached out to Edward, or when looked out for Sybbie, the daughter of the one person he felt ever cared about him. Maybe all he really needs is a little love in his life ….


I have a feeling that all of us who love Thomas and fucking UNDERSTAND HIM AND HIS YES SOMETIMES SHITTY, STUPID ACTIONS AND WHY HE DOES THEM do so because at some point in all of our lives, we’ve been really wronged, trampled on by people who thought themselves better than us, were made to feel like an outsider and/or reject, or shamed for being true to ourselves because I swear, with people outside of our little corner, it’s like we’re not even watching the same show.


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