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And that is the face of your brother remaining as neutral as he possibly can considering that he just got very big hint that he IS a Jotun.

And he’s kinda afraid right now.

I love how even the 2 second long shots of Loki contain this emotion, how Tom always knows what he’s doing, what his character might think or feel. That’s why I love him so much, this detailed characterisation and the complete picture he creates.

(Source: daaria)

Hiddles Dream

I dreamt I ran across Tom Hiddleston in a mall. He was helping a janitor, carrying stuff through an employees-only door. I spotted a mop left out and hurried it over to the door, which was left open, stopping at the threshold and asking Tom to hand it to the janitor, who was going up some back stairs. (Yeah, basically I was using the mop as an excuse to talk to Tom. XD) After that, he came back out and we got to chat for a few minutes. I don’t really remember what was said, other than that I mentioned something he’d supposedly said (not in real life) about speaking in dialects. He even did his velociraptor impression. XD He was incredibly gracious and sweet, all smiles — I remember how glad I was that he didn’t seem to mind talking to me, even seemed happy to see me rather than beingv annoyed by the fangirl. I couldn’t get over how wonderfully beautiful and sparkling his eyes were, and was glad that conversation afforded me the excuse to make eye contact. But then some tall, burly dudes noticed him and wormed their way between us. ;_; Anyway, I think that was probably my first Hiddles dream — and it felt so real! :D I know, I know, it’s just a dream, and he might be completely different in person — although, from all the stories I’ve heard, I doubt it!I think this is one dream that was accurate, rather than rewriting a personality, as my dreams sometimes do. Thank Gaia that didn’t happen this time — I’d hate to have dreamt of him being a jerk! Since I’ll probably never meet him in real life, at least I was able to enjoy the dream! XD

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